My Story

Hello, I’m VaShaunna Renee’, as a lover of love and health, I help wives reach their Healthy Happily Ever After by keeping things healthy from the kitchen to the bedroom and sharing a lot of goodness in between. With that being said, I am devoting my time to combing my love for love and healthy eating to bring you, Healthy Happily Ever After.  It will surprise you in knowing how much fitness and healthy eating habits can contribute to the health of your relationship. In a world of hurry up and have a wedding, as opposed to take your time and make it last forever, I feel compelled to help others reach their full potential in having their happily ever after.  My husband and I have reached 16 years of marital bliss, and although there were definitely some ups, downs, and bumps in the road, we can both say that we are in a place of being happier and more fulfilled than we’ve ever been in this relationship.


As the old saying goes,“if we can do it, so can you.”  Let me assist in giving you and your spouse and ally oop, so that you both can have a slam dunk of a marriage. The goal is for you to gain success in adjusting the things that you eat and drink, which will in return adjust your libido, your passion, and most importantly your connection to each other.  We live in a world where the divorce rate is over 50%, and the national average length of a marriage is 8.2 years. It’s time that those numbers are adjusted and we live in a world where marriages are authentically thriving, intimate, and fun! Let’s work together to make that happen.


Making marriages great again, filling them with intimacy, connection, and excitement.

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My Book

Health starts in the kitchen. 

The correlation between what you eat and how you feel can be either beneficial or detrimental for your libido, energy, and all around intimacy with your spouse.

Check out my cookbook on Amazon for some healthy recipes that you and your spouse will love to eat and cook together.